What you can’t do today, you can learn tomorrow!

Education is lifelong

        th7E0IMTP0Change is a constant in our life.

According to the complexity theory, we learn and change with every experience. As we reflect on those changes, even more changes occur. Thus, learning is a “layered” and never-ending process.

             Lifelong learning entails a two-fold purpose.

                         It enhances our personal development as individuals. It also has a strong impact in the workplace, with increased functionality and higher quality service to clients.

        Making a personal investment of one’s time in the lifelong learning process is never wasted.

    It is an individual responsibility each of us would do well to undertake. Thus indicating the value we place on our lives and the lives of those we interact with, personally and professionally.

    What steps are you taking to engage in your lifelong learning?

(resource: Pharmacy Tech Topics, April 2015, Volume 20, Number 2)